What Are You Raising Your Paddle For?

Do your event attendees know exactly what they are raising their paddles for? Proper messaging before, during, and after your event will keep donor’s hearts and wallets open to the evening’s star – your cause!

Some may say ‘our donors already know they are supporting the school, shelter, food bank, etc.’  While this may be true, do they leave your event with a warm fuzzy feeling?  Are you cultivating them as long term donors?  Unless you create an emotionally charged environment, donors may view the event as just a party.  To build lasting, meaningful relationships with your donors, it is imperative to communicate the who, what, and why that their time and donation will impact.
What are your donors raising their bid paddles for?Here are 3 simple ways to keep your fundraising benefactors in the events spotlight:

  1. Create a photo slideshow of the cause in action. Hopefully you’ve taken 100’s of photos throughout the year.  Your event is the perfect place to show them off!  Play the slideshow where people congregate during the event social hour.
  2. Communicate a specific project or end result of the funds to be raised. These can change yearly and can highlight possibly unknown aspects of what the organization does.  Your fund-a-need appeal is a great way to highlight a niche need.
  3. Market the cause, not just the auction items. Think of donors as consumers and create a multi-platform advertising campaign that captures the essence of who you are and what you do. Run this campaign leading up to and after your event.

Utilize just these three ideas and your attendees will understand why they are contributing and begin the journey of becoming long term donors.