Workshops & Webinars
No Need to Go It Alone

Whether it’s on site or via the web, one hour or one whole day, together we will custom design a program that works for you.   Get your whole team on board with instruction on any or all the following areas:

  • Why Benefit Auctions
  • Getting Your Boards Commitment
  • Setting a Fund Raising Goal
  • Setting a Time Line
  • Picking a Chair Person
  • Developing Event Committees
  • Recruiting Committee Members
  • Setting a Date
  • Determining Auction Event Type
  • Picking a Location
  • Hiring a Benefit Auctioneer
  • Procuring Auction Items
  • Cataloging Auction Items & Record Keeping
  • Attracting Generous Attendees
  • Promoting the Event
  • Event Set Up
  • Training Event Workers
  • Event Pace
  • Thank Yous
  • Evaluating the Event
  • Celebrating the Accomplishments

The workshop was very “how to.” I liked leaving feeling I had a “checklist” and knew how to get started. Honestly I had expected a self-serving promotion of the company, but was pleased with the focus on content that was informative, useful, and interesting.

Stevens Point YMCA