Promoting Live Auction Items is Like Lighting A Money Bomb

It’s never too early to start promoting your fundraising event or it’s main attraction – the Live Auction Items.  By creating buyer preparedness, guests won’t have the excuse on big ticket items ‘I would have bid if I had known’.

Here are 3 places to presell your live auction items:

In-House – If you have clients or volunteers that come through your doors on a regular basis, make a highly visible live auction item display. As they come in the display will help inform your biggest supporters.  They, in turn, will have the details to spread the word in their own community circles.  The more it’s out there, the more buyers will know and bid!

Online – Chances are your organization has a website, newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter account.  Use these powerful, sharable platforms to promote live auction items and those who donated them.  Weekly features keep the event in front of potential attendees, give donors more praise and create excitement for the bidding ahead.

Live Auction Item Donors – Give your donors the means or idea to toot their own horn.  Create a promotional write up or graphic and suggest using it on their website, social media, newsletters, or in-house.  This saves the donor time and effort and is PR win-win.

All this buzz ahead of the event will increase buyer awareness and willingness to participate.  Getting extra bids because of promoting items can explode your bottom line!Promoting Live Auction Items is like lighting a money bomb