Create a Tipping Point in Your Fund A Need

Ever wonder what motivates some people to give during a fund-a-need?  No matter how emotional the story or grave the need, some people seem to just sit on their paddles.  The process is a public forum, so seeing others give can create a tipping point.  To get the flow of dollars started, having a Lead Gift is important.  Once off and running, having a match to announce can extract additional funds.

LETipping PointAD GIFT:  Sometimes it can be hard to come up with a Lead Gift for your fund-a-need.  A Lead Gift is a prearranged donation that starts you out at or near your highest requested value.  Why not encourage those that want to sponsor the event or that give generously in your other campaigns, to divert their dollars here.  Done right, this can be far more rewarding for that person or company than just a sponsorship where their name just appears in your catalog, etc.  Unless you are segregating your funds and really need their money as a sponsorship to cover expenses, annual budget, etc, why not let these donations come in as part of a public forum—the fund-a-need.  Their donation in the fund-a-need may well be the “tipping point” to get others to give at the same or next level.

MATCH:  People can be motivated to give when they believe their money will be matched by someone else.  Matches could be made toward proceeds raised by the whole fund-a-need or at given levels.  With smaller amounts such as a sponsorship level, again that person or company is going to get more recognition when matching rather than buying a sponsorship, and they will feel more satisfaction knowing that their funds actually doubled.  Depending on the levels used, your crowd size, and how the crowd is responding, this can stimulate donations at more affordable levels which vary according to the affluency of your group.

BOTH:  The levels used would be reflective of the potential donations from your attendees.  Analyzing the records of your past events is important.  Let’s say the biggest donation you have gotten in the past was a $1000 donor on fund-a-need and only 10 people contributed at the $100 level.  You have someone who has given you $5000 for sponsorship.  In this case you could use $2500 as the lead gift and $2500 as a match at the $100 level.  Doing this would increase the tipping level for both levels of donors.

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